We raise rare breeds of pigs, sheep, goats and poultry.  The sheep, goats and pigs are our main focus.  We sell breeding stock and feeder pigs.  Only the top 5-10% of our animals are ever sold as breeding stock.  We will only sell you a breeding animal that is the same quality that we would keep on our own farm.

We raise Kune Kune pigs, Gloucestershire Old Spot and other large breed pigs, wool and meat sheep, dairy and meat goats and different breeds of Heritage poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks & geese).

We sell nearly all of our meat through our Meat CSA.


We raise our vegetables by first nourishing the soil and by organically feeding the organisms that live in it.  We use hand tools and horses to work our beds so that we cause the least amount of disturbance and compaction to the soil.  Compost and organic fertilizers and natural minerals feed the soil that then feeds the plants.  We started our farm over 11 years ago by offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture )shares to the community and then growing for those families that joined our CSA program. That is still our favorite model for producing organic fruits and vegetables.  Please go to our CSA Page to learn more about our program.


Walkertown, NC in the heart of North Carolina

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Yellow Wolf Farm

Humanely Raised Livestock~gOURMET quality mEATS

We love animals and we love great food and we have been lucky enough to be able to combine the two into a full time profession since 2005.  We have been raising our own livestock and food since the early nineties.  We have a very simple formula for raising great animals and incredible food-soil, sunshine, water and grass.  We raise all of our animals on pasture in family groups in the most natural way that we can.  We raise Heritage breeds known for their abilities to thrive on grass, raise their young on pasture without interference and to produce delicious meat, milk and eggs. Fill our the form on our Contact page to sign up for our monthly Newsletter.